For Shore / Scape / Lights exhibition, June 2011.

The arrival on stage of the work of a young artist is not always to his advantage. His youth appears to be unrestrained, full of pride, with a feeling of huge revolt. Usually a bold storm through the creation of this young artist, making his work inaccessible.

Mattia Listowski is just the opposite. His youth is a quality that reflects the strength of his relationship to art. The aesthetics of the work of Mattia brings peace to the viewer. Which is totally unusual nowadays. It feeds extensively our soul, soothing our ego. We are suddenly fed by the mysteries of existence taking away the stress of our thoughts. The absence of wings doesn't prevent us to take our flight and, as the australian parrot Kukabara landing on colored strings, our eyes glaze over the snow-capped peaks. We must say that we exist. The art of Mattia became ours. It is for both lovers and solitaries. It is for all the lovers of passing time. The boy of Paris amuses us with his musical and poetic gift. The sound and the metaphor of the landscape are a testament of his experience. The colorful tunnels of subtlety, the experiences enlightening impenetrable researches.

Joseph Pless.