Exhibition, from 12th to the 18th of January 2012 @ Atelier 10, 42 rue Eugne Carrire 75018 Paris, France.

Mattia Listowski, exhibition photography video installation Fotosatz at Atelier 10, Paris 2012.

FOTOSATZ includes seven original pieces with multiple plastic forms (video display, print, slide, ready-made, mirror, furniture, photography). This exhibition is part of a reflection on the process, the landscape and its contemplation. The rigorism of this personal representation, highlight questions about the terms of consumption and planned obsolescence, and gives to the "gallery" some decadent and ironic aspect.

Mattia Listowski, exhibition photography video installation Fotosatz at Atelier 10, Paris 2012.

The presented assembly: this "Fotosatz" *, is simply a curiosity cabinet. This approach offers the experience of different pieces coexisting in the same space as a mechanism. The scenography of the exhibition invites the viewer into a private space (possibly its own) where strangely each piece has a function that can't be used. Without function, how can be used these pieces and how long can they survive to this uselessness? These questions about the purpose and the continuity of the experience, encourage a simple observation of the moment, a contemplation of the landscape.

Mattia Listowski, artwork ready-made installation Readylight, 2011

READY-LIGHT, a ready-made, may be the image of FOTOSATZ exhibition. Each piece is a diversion, its primary function - sometimes undefined - is no longer of use. Their common characteristic is to be obsolete and are programmed to stay this way. Each element of the circuit depends on the one to which it is connected. The composition creates a movement that brings to life each object by assigning it a new function.

Mattia Listowski, artwork installation Windshore, 2011.

A piece like WINDSHORE questions the relationship of oneself with his environment. This installation distorts the image of dust using a video interpretation: the calibration of the screen allows the viewer to highlight an invisible phenomenon to the human eye under normal vision conditions.

Mattia Listowski, artwork You, 2012.

YOU is this portrait that questions on self-observation. A framework telling about the observing person, integrating the person to the object. Materials are the observer as much as the frame, creating a consistency that last the moment of reading. Person and object are potentially merged and of same value.

Mattia Listowski, artwork installation Rotate, 2011.

ROTATE is a plane rotating on itself at the same speed as the carousel which projects the plane: there is a parallel time. Installation designs light through a plane, a frame of white light showing a blank space behind the projection plane. As the plane rotates on itself and blank space is beyond (behind), this space is also around the plane: there is a parallel space. Time and space coincide with reality.

Mattia Listowski, artwork installation Books, 2011.

The bookshelf, book container, is based on its content, the book. The content relies on the container. Its BOOKS. The installation keeps the piece as an artwork, the bookshelf has no use and exists only for its appearance.

Mattia Listowski, artwork photography Landschaft, 2011.

LANDSCHAFT is a view from FOTOSATZ, the cabinet of curiosities, to a Scottish landscape covered with moss.

Mattia Listowski, artwork installation Corridoor, 2011.

CORRIDOOR generates a space through the window of observation, a white light door defining a corridor lying beyond the glass. The suggestion of a space behind the object opens the mind to an imaginary world. During FOTOSATZ exhibition, it was also the end of the gallery, so it became the suggestion of the following exhibition.