Mattia Listowski, artwork video Rongo Rongo, Venice Biennale 2009.

RONGO RONGO. Venice, 53rd Venice Art Biennale collateral event and Peggy Guggenheim Foundation. Collaboration with Pauline Kalioujny. From an idea of Marco Nereo Rotelli. Inspired by Rongo Rongo culture of Easter Island. Accompanied by a piece of the Commedia dell'Inferno, written and read by the poet Edoardo Sanguineti. January-October.

From the work of contemporary artist Marco Nereo Rotelli on lost writings, we had to build a new interpretation of the text of Edoaro Sanguineti (contemporary rewriting of Dante's Divine Comedy, and specifically the passage of Ulysses in hell) using Rongo Rongo writing materials, the mysterious symbols of Easter Island. It wasn't possible to offer a literal interpretation of the text, rather difficult to understand, and that's why it was necessary to give as a basis to screenwriting more concrete narrative themes. We made many researches on traditional myths of Easter Island, thanks to books by Catherine and Michel Orliac, recognized experts on the subject, reviewing all geological history of the Island and its inhabitants, the various ways of representing animals and gods, statues and engravings on rocks that cover the island. It was also necessary to listen at sounds and traditional songs of the region, trying to contextualize textures, atmospheres, environments in order to have a better idea of the soundtrack.

What was important above all in this project was to find a connection between the Rongo Rongo text and writing of Sanguineti, quite difficult thing at first glance. Then, we mixed up, braided, the moving illustrations of myths to the rhythm of the text read by the writer, leaving to the randomness of this assocation the possibility of a natural visual poetry, and be surprised by this alliance between these two things, image and sound, letting the magic of speech operate, while still controlling timing and editing.