Mattia Listowski, artwork video installation Translate, 2011.

June 2011, Installation, in Scape/Shore/Lights exhibition.

TRANSLATE modifies the real space providing a contradiction, with the infinite space bounded by the definite space of screens. Windows on the same open landscape horizon trapped in a circle. A contemplative dimension; where anyone can imagine an inversion between the installation and the reality. Imagine our physical space revolving around the open landscape of the installation.

34 23'41''N 132 27'17''E
January 2011, Video.

34 23'41''N 132 27'17''E video is the formal model for TRANSLATE installation. But at the very start, this seascape is the concept of an opposite view during a historical event - like Horishima in 1945 - through it's environment modifications. This probably add something to the idea of some infinite space inside the installation's circle. White light and strong and deep sound offers something more perceptive, some new and inverted space.